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On January 4, 2017, Posted by , In Search Engine Optimization

Google’s algorithm uses some smart techniques to determine which pages are most relevant to users’ queries and which pages should appear in top search result on Google search engine according to relevancy of user’s query.

There is no fixed formula and there is no fixed method to get high ranking on Google search engine. All webmasters are working on their assumptions based on experience.

All webmasters use some common steps to improve their website ranking like Meta-Tags creation, Robots.Txt creation, sitemap creation etc. for On-page activities, and Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking, Article Submission, Guest posting etc. in Off-page activities.

Apart from these common steps, there are some strategies which should be followed to improve website ranking. Synram Technolab shares a few tips about how to improve website ranking. These tips have been provided by our experienced SEO team.

  • Avoid spamming and do not buy links and exchange from those sites that have common IP address. These are waste of money and time And may hurt your website ranking as well.
  • Publish relevant, unique and fresh content on your website periodically
  • Try to Target long tail keywords which have lower competition. For that you can use Google keyword planner which is a free SEO tool that helps you with your keywords research.
  • Try to write content from user’s point of view not search engines point of view.
  • Make sure that all the pages of your website have meta data information.
  • Make sure that title and description of all pages of your website have unique content.
  • All URLs of your website should be SEO friendly.
  • Make sure that your website has no broken links, search engine do not like broken links. For finding broken link you can use broken link checker SEO tool.
  • Ensure that your website has no canonicalization issues like www and non-www domains. If yes should be 301 redirected to www.
  • Try to be linked with .edu domains. Search engine gives it more weightage.
  • SEO is a long term process, so please have patience and work on your optimization daily.
  • Try to use all version of site map like urllist.txt, ror.xml, sitemap.xml and sitemap.html.
  • Build your brand visibility on Social Media Platform as any possible.
  • You should also use Google top SEO tools like Google webmaster SEO tool, Google Analytics SEO Tool etc. for your website. These Google SEO tools will help you to track how your website is performing.

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