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voice search optimization

Typing or Voice search, which one you are preferred?

Now get ready for voice search results displayed by search Engines. When someone talks about “search engine” then Google, Yahoo and Bing names come first in mind because these are major search engines. We all do searches through these search Engines and recent studies & stats shows that 60% of people make search by their mobile devices today and write. Do you know? Voice searches are being rapidly popular nowadays as voice search doesn’t require both hands to operate on the traditional keyboard; it is easier and faster too than traditional keyboard operating in Mobile. Many experts believe that Voice search came into the picture for people with physical disability where they just need to search through their voice command. Now, with the amalgamation of AI into the voice search, Search Engines can give your better results and personalized experience.

In the industry of search marketing, voice search is not that old technology and search engine Google tells “20% of all searches are voice searches”. Voice search is changing the style of searching and converting nature of search from typing to conversational. By 2020, 70% of the people will be involved in searches via voice command.

Are we prepared for voice search optimization?

There is some voice activated intelligent assistants such as Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Bixby, Amazon Echo and Google’s OK Google Assistant that allow searchers to give voice commands in order to perform voice searches easily using the internet and then as a result, the listing of results will be displayed by search engines. Actually, Siri, Cortana, Alexa, Bixby, and Google’s OK Google Assistant these are all voice-based search engines or you can say pre-programmed language voice search tools.

But most marketers still unprepared, they don’t know exactly how they can address it while use of voice search increasing day by day by searchers. If this gap is not overcome as soon as possible, your website will disappeared from search engine result pages (SERPs). You must keep the relationship between voice searchers and your website; otherwise your brand can be unknown.

3 essential ways to bridge this gap:

Focus on conversational queries: Unfortunately, there is no keyword tool to research conversational queries. Only you will have to analyze searchers spoken phrases, how buyers speak when they purchase something.

Focus on conversational queries

Analyze the way of people conversational queries. Your friends, family members are also buys online, learn from them what phrases they use to search if they are using voice search.

Your website must be mobile friendly: Actually, almost every voice searches being done by mobile devices and as I told you in first paragraph of this blog that “studies about past analytics and statistics data says that 60% of people make the search by their mobile devices today”, and obviously searchers use their mobile first to perform voice searches, that’s we keep asking Businesses owners to keep their website  mobile friendly so that website can look good and can be load fast on their mobile devices.

Your website must be mobile friendly

Local search appearance: Most searchers want quick solution for their particular requirements, for that they try to find local solution first -which indicates the emergence of local optimization of website on a primary basis.

Local search appearance

Local optimization also very important as global optimization is important. Put your basic local details on your website; try to include local long tail phrases in content, local business information like business name, physical address, a phone number etc.

Above 3 essential ways really work and can minimize the gap between your website and voice searchers, Search Engine optimization is a game of patience, keep some patience and then watch the outstanding results. Last but not the least; we will see great impact of Voice search results in the next digital phase.

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