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E-Commerce Design refers to the use of electronics means and technologies to conduct commerce (Sale, Purchase, transfer, or exchange of products, services, and/or information), including within business, business-to business, and business to customer interactions. Delivery of products or services may occur over or outside of the Internet.

However E-Commerce and E-Business share some common characteristics. But both E-Commerce and E-Business:

  • Provides higher payoff in the form of more efficient processes
  • Lower costs and provide potentially greater profits
  • Utilize technology infrastructures of databases, application servers, security tools, system management and legacy systems

Dimensions of E-Commerce Design

Electronics commerce can take several forms depending on the degree of digitization of the products or services, the process and the delivery agents.
A Situation is considered partial E-commerce if there is at least one digital dimension. Purchase of a book from Amazon is an example of partial E-commerce because the transaction is processed electronically but the book is delivered physically. Purchase of an e-book or a piece of software from Amazon is an example of pure E-Commerce, because the product itself, delivery mechanism, payment, and transfer agent are all digital.

Synram E-Commerce and Shopping Cart Systems

Synram creates cutting-edge medical e-commerce stores for businesses that sell to customers or other companies. Our team of IT e-commerce experts will ease the entire process and help you:

  • Design elegant IT website graphics.
  • Design professional online store graphics.
  • Set up your product catalog.
  • Implement a secure shopping cart system.
  • Accept credit card and check payments.
  • Integrate with USPS, FedEx, and UPS for automatic shipping calculations.
  • Install tools to manage products, orders, and customers.
  • Create a customer portal with order tracking.
  • Integrate with your accounting system.

Increase sales and your bottom line with IT E-Commerce.

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