Get a Free School Management System

Did you know having a school management system increases efficiency of your institution by almost 40%. But, now a days getting IT product developed without having an IT team is very difficult.Thinking how you would do that, don't worry, Synram Technolab brings you a cloud based school management system which doesn't require any development headaches and time with cost. You can subscribe to it on monthly basis or one-time fee. To subscribe call us on 7770681886 or email at [email protected]

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    Our School Management System is free and easy to use, it has the following features

    Student Management

    • Admission management
    • Fees management
    • Subjects management
    • Parents management
    • Report generation
    School ERP Software

    School Inventory management

    • Schools can manage their inventories like equipments
    • Schools can manage their assets
    • Track assets by location and person
    School Management Software

    School Operations

    • Class management
    • Staff management
    • Attendance management
    • Lectures, Time table management

    Cloud based School Management by Synram Technolab

    The school management system provides a cloud server for an institution to have all time backup for their precious data and a secured server preventing it from malicious attacks. This cloud based system will provide you accessibility to you for school management system anytime and anywhere.

    Features of School of management system

    • Student Admission management

      • Quick student admission
      • Generate enquiry data
      • Convert enquiry into admission
    • Student management Module

      • Auto roll number generation
      • Attendance management
      • Documents upload
      • Examination information and
      • Scheduler
    • Fee management System

      • Fee due as per Individuals
      • Class wise fee reports
      • Dashboard alerts for fee due
    Service Service Service
    • Teacher’s or Staff management

      • Documents related to qualification
      • Attendance of teachers
      • Salary management
      • Performance of each student in accordance
      • With teachers
    • Certificate management

      • Transfer certificates
      • Achievement certificates
      • Report card generation
    • Event & Activity management

      • Notices and Circular management
      • Examination time table
      • Activity notifications

    Schools management system- Resource management

    Library management

    • Student wise Book allocation
    • Category wise books marking
    • Overdue penalty collection and disbursement

    Hostel management

    • Student hostel allocation
    • Fee for hostel and its reports
    • Check room availability

    Transport Management

    • Assign routes to the vehicles
    • Allocate students a vehicle (Individually/class wise)
    • Vehicle fee due and Reports
    • Student on Boarding to vehicle

    Inventory management

    • Notebooks and other stationary management
    • Stationary issued class wise and teacher wise
    • Stationary and other consumables consumption report
    • Stock Item purchase mechanism
    • Assets reporting and management

    Finance Management

    • Calculation of fee
    • Profit & loss report
    • Balance sheet


    • Circular and Task alerts
    • Examination declarations
    • Attendance report communication
    • Notice board