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Employee Advocacy
Employee Advocacy is an indirect way Brand promotion and visibility by your own workforce. It is EAP means publicity of a business, firm or organization by its employee or people. It’s an emerging method applying by small to medium business to encourage their resources to share their company posts on various social media channels. Therefore, we can also say that EAP is talking about your company or business on social media like Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram etc. or by spread out the word What it simply does, it helps improving your business’s credibility and visibility.

Many companies don’t stir employee advocacy, but I recommend they must do this in-house to spread the promotion. The point is companies should plan this program. If you’re not planning and encouraging employees to advocate about your organization, you are missing out on a great PR (Public Relations) opportunity. The engagement and conversion potential is extremely important for a business.

“Employees who share your business content on social networks… and circulate the good and valuable information on every side can do good for your business brand,”

When your employees feels like a become brand ambassadors for your business, they perceive a vested interest in the organization’s outcome and are therefore active in promoting and talking the business’s brand.
employee advocacy

There are some Methods:

Create a plan

What your company do and your services/products are, plan accordingly. You can report your objectives and prepare a structure for measuring them. Employee advocacy is scalable and this is what the best thing about it.

Objectives might include:

  • Accelerate traffic for website
  • Build appearance socially
  • Increased Lead generation
  • Increased Event sign-ups

Sometimes, you do not require to instruct your workforce exactly when, what, where and how your people share your business content on social media. Just encourage them.

Draft a policy

Noticeably, there are some minor risks founded with employee advocacy. Companies need to draft policies comprising acceptable protocols for running the EAP campaigns by its work force such as maintaining the social etiquettes and quality posts.

Find a leader

Appoint an employee advocacy person who you think can assist & generate favorable outcomes. The person might be given particular tasks like:

  • Creating interest in the plan
  • Sharing strategies and game plan with employees
  • Helping you know the employees’ opinion and point of view
  • Coordinating with team to come up with new strategies and plan for employee advocacy and methods to enhance the program

The ideal leader will guide and encourage team. Employee advocacy depends on trust and goodwill.

Get ready to make a strategy for your own company.

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