How to Promote A Local Brand Digitally?

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On January 23, 2017, Posted by , In Digital Marketing

how to promote a local brand digitally

Business owners often faces hassles in promotion their products/services online or digitally on internet. They might feel whether they should opt for going digital or not.

Firstly, they must opt for promotion online or digitally and secondly it doesn’t matter what kind of offering you have for your customers, you must connected well with them through various online mediums.

There is a difference in traditional marketing approach and digital marketing approach. In Digital marketing, customers are finding you over internet, social media channels, paid ads on search engines etc.

What you could possibly do in Digital marketing with a very low budget:

1) Facebook page and ads: Business can have own their brand/product page and start promoting it. Facebook paid ads are available in just $5-10 (INR 59 minimum). The beauty of the Facebook advertising is, you can channelize your ads to your targeted audience based on their Area, interest, gender, age etc. It’s one of the very effective medium in minimum price.
Louis Vuitton owns a Page in which customers can select products and it allows customers to customise the product as well.

2) In digital space, many cloud platforms are available for free. One can utilize that for Email marketing. Collect emails of your targeted audience and start shooting them email with attractive offers.

3) Start taking feedback after sales to your customers to win their loyalty and respect. Google Form tool is available for free for everyone to use and share it with your customers. You just need a gmail ID in order to do that.

4) Social media websites like Instagram, LinkedIn also becoming a well recognized platform for business owners to promote their services, launch a product, building awareness. Stumble Upon, Quora, Reddit, and Google plus, Twitter and many platforms are available for free.

5) Video marketing is again one of the best and effective ways to explain your offering to your customers. Through this, you can do the following:

  1. Educate customers
  2. Explain features
  3. Customers prefer video presentation rather than text based.
  4. Pictorial real time explanation opportunity
  5. Lesser time required in converting prospect into purchase

6) Affiliate Marketing allows your products to be selling by other web based organizations. This is one of the strategies which fulfil the gap of mouth publicity in Digital Marketing.

7) In order to sell aggressively in the market, you need a website and then you can either start SEO or run Google PPC campaign in fewer budgets.

There are plenty of opportunities available in the digital space to promote your offering and grow in your business. Reach your audience efficiently in lesser budget through Internet.

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