How to Make Your Website Secure from Cyber Attacks So Hacker Can’t Hack It?

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Make Your Website Secure from Cyber Attacks So Hacker Can’t Hack It?

In 2017, our world is becoming digital and in this digital world, security of web applications/websites has emerged out as primary concern for almost all companies doing businesses using technology. Some are already suffered or some are vulnerable enough which can be breached any time when they noticed by black world of hackers.

In this blog, we are alerting companies on how to prevent from cyber attacks and hacking of their websites or applications plus we will share some of the steps which companies can implement to secure and enhance their security measures.

Even Bigger companies are affected by hacking. Yes, I am not agreed with this. Even, Zamota hacked in 2017 and huge amount of its confidential users database came outside that has been used for bad purpose.

1) Up-to -date Software and Spplications

Everyone has heard about WordPress, Joomla, Magento where one can see the update option and with a click on one button it upgrades the version, plugins etc. The point which needs to consider in WordPress is, dont choose low rated plugins as hackers might have created it to hack your website. These CMS community such as WP community, Magento community always work on to make it secure and releases security patches in a regular interval of time to make your website more robust against the malicious attacks.

Here we will also share more about Open Source applications.

Managed hosting is one of the vulnerable area and if you are using a managed hosting solution then you don’t need to worry so much about applying security updates for the operating system as the hosting company should take care of this.

2) Password Alert & Protection:

Always create a strong password with combination of characters, alphabets and special characters so that no one can crack easily it. One should always use strong password.

You can install few google associated products which can prevent you from password stealing by other websites. Password Alert is the name of the extenstion you can found on Chrome and install it.

How to Make Your Website Secure from Cyber Attacks So Hacker Can’t Hack It?

3) DDOS Attack:

Its emerging as a tool for spammers, hackers to send the fake traffic to one website and make it unavailable. A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is an attempt to form an online website unavailable by sending huge amount of traffic from multiple sources. Its mainly done by systems across the world which are compromised and infected with Trojans and hacker target a single system to attack.

Another very good product released by Google is Google Shield project which is build to prevent News websites especially from DDoS attacks. What is amazing part in this is Google has made this service free to use for independent Journalists, News websites, small online newsrooms.

4) Always Use Dedicated Server for Website Hosting:

Dedicated server is considered more secure than shared as shared is designed to host several website at a time. This will protect you from hackers who can use vulnerabilities on one website to attack another site hosted on the same server. Use those web hosting which are offering advanced web application firewalls for their servers.

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