How to Get Featured Snippets for Your Site?

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On February 10, 2017, Posted by , In Search Engine Optimization

How to Get Featured Snippets for Your Site?
Google is showing answers directly for numerous search terms in the search results, and many people want to know how they can earn featured snippets for their website’s content there.
But, the reality is, no guaranteed method is there to get your content into a featured snippet.
Fortunately, Synram shares the techniques to get your content featured. If your website’s content gets a featured snippet, your website will come before the 1st position. Your website will be rank in #0 Position!
How to Get Featured Snippets for Your Site?
The benefits of getting a featured snippet are clear: more visibility, more clicks, and you can get higher conversion rate. The featured snippet also called as a “direct answer” or “rich answer”.

Featured Snippet: Techniques

How we can achieve a rich answer positioning in Google’s search results? After a number of experiments that we have tried at Synram, we have compressed the procedure to these five easy steps:

  1. Identify a simple, easy and common question, which is related to your marketplace.
  2. Include like How does, How do, How to, what is, etc. keyword phrases in your content.
  3. Give a direct and clear answer to the questions.
  4. Provide value added information in your rich answer.
  5. Make it simple for Google and users both to find on your webpage.

We noticed these common techniques among all the websites we have analyzed that have got featured snippets.

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