F-Commerce and Its Benefits

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On February 16, 2017, Posted by , In Social Media Marketing

What is F-Commerce?
In E-commerce, F-commerce also known as Facebook commerce is an approach that focuses on designing and developing E-commerce storefront sites and content within the Facebook social media channel.
F-commerce used as the configuration of shopping tabs, which are the module of a tailored Facebook application that empowers online retailers to publicize a Facebook storefront with shopping cart buttons on your Business Facebook Pages.

Facebook commerce can also implement to creating tailored Facebook Applications that drive sales and leads to a business’s online E-commerce website, or options for particular products “Sharing and liking” by Facebook users to publicize comment or message interest in an organization’s services or products.
Additionally, there is another kind of F-commerce (Facebook commerce) are third-party Shopping implementations that enable virtual storefronts for businesses within Facebook social media platform. Typically, this solution is used by organizations that lack the time and knowledge to develop complicated Facebook apps themselves.

A few of organizations set up committed Facebook storefronts to drive lead and sales from Facebook users, while other companies set up complicated promoting ads to Web users directly toward other sales venues link.

The list of organizations following F-commerce (Facebook commerce) is great and most marketers agree with that the dimensions of future Facebook commerce will get bigger into many billions of dollars annually. Organizations such as Ticketmaster and Starbucks have built already very victorious F-commerce operations.

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