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Easy-Installation, Easy-to-Operate and Cloud-Based Monitoring


Employees monitoring can deliver very helpful details, facts and figures to increase work rate and productivity. Our employees monitoring software that allows companies and organizations to log, record, study and report on workforce activity. When you doubt an employee of dishonest behavior, you need to start an individually separate and distinct investigation. Securely collect, inspect, and report on the online.


Employee Monitoring Software that Improve Productivity

The internet technology has helped numerous organizations. Although, internet has given about many positive turns in the method the works are being done, but there is a few disadvantages connected to it.

Internet has become extremely essential for most businesses, but there are some of the employees utilize it for personal purposes and non work related, and the workplace computers are being utilized by employees to check social media sites, personal accounts, chatting with their friends etc. The administrator can now control such policy violation by installing our employee monitoring software.


What is ActivTrak?

ActivTrak software is one of the most considerable tools fitting in well for monitoring employees’ activities online to make sure greater safety, productivity and work rate. ActivTrak, which is free cloud-based monitoring tool will track your employees’ web usage and application and report back instantly to your account. With this software, you can install the ActivTrak on all your systems or a single system, and start watching statistical details in only a couple of minutes without anybody knowing! This software enables you to protect your workforce, ensure everybody is on track, and have faultless control in the working-place.

Easy Setup & Use

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Our tool tracks all application and web activities. Simply install the software on the machines you want to monitor, and you will start watching data usage within just a couple of minutes. This software can be installed remotely or manually, and it works on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Real-time Monitoring

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With our employees monitoring software there is no gaps in inspection. Additionally to our Reports, which provide you an analysis of already recorded activities; Real-time Monitoring lets you see completely what is going on your tracked devices or machines in real-time. We give a continuous reliable live data from all tracked machines detailing the current machine activity.

educational networking application


educational networking application

Effectual Website Blocking

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The Website Blocking lets you permit or deny access to any website with a simple single click. This simple, easy-to-use feature provides focus where it requires to be, and confirms your employees are busy with their official work while on office networks and computers. Administrators can block websites from everyone, groups or individual users at once.

Capture User Screens

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Screenshots tool makes possible for you to check exactly what the computer user sees by taking everything that is appeared on the computer screen. Screenshots can be captured across all machines continuously, or administrators can set time spans on desired machines.