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Networking system for educational benefit

The easiest and perfect system for teachers to attach and collaborate with parents, students and each other. Our system is designed for educational networks to share or exchange information, to make an online attendance for their classrooms. When the world is getting digital, connecting your Teachers, Students, Parents and Management digitally is important like never before…

Digital systems eliminate the inefficiencies inherent in a physical system, be it shopping, banking, entertainment or education.

Our Educational Networking Application has 4 exciting modules

educational networking aapplication

As School Management

  • Improve the relationship between school and parents by proactively notify parents about activities related to their child?
  • Communicate messages about unplanned events, such as, school closure to students/Parents easily?
  • Identify at-risk students.
  • Completely transform your school to Next-Generation Digital School.

For example – School can start only simplest module i.e. School Admin in order to use the notification services to notify parents and students about school events.

As a Teacher

  • Connect with students more frequently to address their concerns?
  • Have a platform to engage students by asking interesting subject related questions.
  • Notify parents whenever you want parents to help students during assignment, homework etc?
  • Identify at-risk students ahead of time.
  • Share content with students ahead of the lectures so that they come prepared for classes?
  • Upload lecture notes so that parents can also coach students whenever required.
  • Award different Badges to students whenever they perform well in classroom.
educational networking aapplication

Teacher: One place to manage all activities in different classes, courses & batches.  
educational networking system
Our system helps teachers to manage multiple classes easily.

Manage Lectures and Notes per class

  • Upload lecture content – documents, diagrams, videos after the class – students will get notification message.
  • Have Full control over your notes and lectures; systematically arrange the lectures for future discovery.
  • Search and discovery of content for students is easier.
  • Share notes ahead of class

Real-time Collaboration & Personalized learning

  • Encourage out-of-class discussion between classmates and teachers.
  • Instant updates on activities across multiple classrooms you teach and learn.
  • Never miss any update from teachers or students.
  • Create closed groups for students at-risk and pay special attention.
  • Upload and share classroom video lectures with students.

Educational Networking Application

Events Management

  • Notify class about upcoming lectures and examinations.
  • Personalized Calendar with color codes for each class, subject you teach or learn.
  • Get reminders on upcoming events and overdue tasks.
  • Grade Students based on the student performance.

Student Performance & Feedback

  • Lecture Feedback to know how many the students understand the lectures.
  • Students’ Preparation indicators to know how well they are prepared for upcoming exams and the data may help you to take corrective actions.
  • See students’ engagement with lectures and notes.
  • Find out the list of students at risk.

educational networking system

educational networking application

As a Student

Do you struggle to remember deadlines of

  • Homework assignments, Quizzes, Exams, Project Submission?

Do you wish you

  • Never missed any communication from the teacher?
  • Had all lecture notes, hand outs, homework, quizzes/exams, and discussions on each and every topic on your finger tips?
  • Never missed anything covered in class even if you were absent?
  • Could ask any question about any topic in any subject and get an answer to it?

Do you ever think

  • How am I doing in class with respect to others?
  • How can I improve my academic performance?

My Performance

  • Performance Indicator to know how well you are doing.
  • Compare your performance w.r.t Class Average
  • Teachers’ Advisory – teachers to share hints and tips with you to perform better.

Educational Networking Application

As a Parent

Do you ever think

  • How your child is doing in class with respect to others?
  • Is (s) he improving over time? Or staying the same? Or deteriorating?
  • How can (s) he improves her/his academic performance?

Do you wish you

  • Never missed any communication from the teacher or school relevant to your child?

Do you wish you knew about

  • All school events like sports, drama, music etc. relevant to your child?

Do you struggle to obtain information about the due dates of your child’s

  • Homework assignments, Quizzes, Exams etc?
educational networking system

Child Performance

  • Performance Indicator to know how well your child is is doing in the class.
  • Compare your performance w.r.t Class Average
  • Teachers’ Advisory – teachers to share hints and tips with you to help make better decisions.

educational networking system

Our Mission for our clients…

  • Generate additional revenue for Schools.
  • Systematically capture Lectures and Notes Digitally.
  • Advertise your Education Institute as Completely Digital
  • Happy Parents & Students means new business opportunities
  • Meet the Demand of today’s students & teachers
  • Encourage Social Mobile Learning anytime anywhere
  • 10X Increase in student engagement
  • 5X Student Retention

educational networking

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