Beware of bad freelancers who are only after money. Why freelancers do that?

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On January 20, 2017, Posted by , In Business

We are a Software development company in India.

We would like to share one experience which has become a cause of stress for our customers and people who look for IT solutions, or may be small businesses. The cause is simple to guess, freelancers who works alone or with casual friends boast of committing delivery on time with quality. However, not all freelancers are bad and cheat. But they don’t. Take a look at the screenshot we took recently from the upwork (freelancer) website.

We found so many such type of pity customers who became a victim of those freelancers offers and don’t understand why customers lured in with their offers, obvious may be of lower cost.

One recent encounter with one of our customer who is pleased with our company’s development team, but had a very bad experience in the past with one freelancers who was working on his project and completed only 60% of the work and then he left with unfinished website. Client realized it after seeing no progress on the project. Our client tried to call but no pick-up and sent so many emails but he end up with no response. Why is he emailing and calling the freelancers instead he can look out for someone else, because, freelancer get paid full amount of the project while he left incomplete work. Now, our client position is such a misery that he don’t want to file a case to get his money back.

Luckily, he found us and shared the concern. We had him beware of such incidents and insist him to engage with a trust worthy company. He shared the entire project details with us and we completed it on time with the assurance of payment after delivery. Now, he is happy with us.

But in what position that freelancer left him before launching client’s website.


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