4 Easy Steps to Setup Facebook Remarketing

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4 easy steps to setup Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing with Facebook

Marketing and getting traffic to your website is a constant battle of an entrepreneur. Selling on Facebook has become more intriguing since the introduction of Facebook ads.

Facebook has made it possible for your business to reach a wide audience, even if you are not an active Facebook user.

One way to advertise your business is through Facebook Remarketing.

facebook remarketing

People often wonder why their recent search or visited site appear on their timeline as an ad. Facebook helps you directly target visitors to your website or persons who have shown interest in your business ads.

They give you a snippet of code or Pixel which you add to your website to track visitors. This marketing strategy yields good results in a short time and is an effective way of closing potential customers.

Let’s look at 4 easy steps to setup Facebook Remarketing.

4 steps to setup Facebook Remarketing
The Facebook Ads Manager can be found in different places. You can find it at the top left-hand side of the screen, then you click on the Business Manager.

facebook ads manager

It could also be found under the promote drop-down on your business page. Click on create Ads then you will be directed to the main page of the Ads Manager. The steps to get started are featured in this article.

Step 1: Setup your Facebook Pixel

In your ads Manager menu, click on Pixels.

setup your facebook pixel

Facebooks help you set up the Creation of the Pixel. The code snippet generated by Facebook is the Pixels.

setup your facebook pixel

You are specific instructions on how to place the code on your website. If you find this too techy, consult the help of a developer.

But installing the Pixel base code is a simple process which involves putting a snippet of code just before the closing tag of your site.

Face Pixel base code just before the closing </head> tag

The code which is transparent and cannot be seen visibly on your website tracks visitor’s who have visited your website.

To know if the pixel has been successfully activated, it should say Active in your Pixel section in the Ads manager.

active pixel in the ads manager

There should also be a rise in the visitor’s count over time.

Step 2: Create and custom your Audience

From the same page. You can create and custom your Audiences. Go back to your Ads manager drop down menu and select Audiences. This option allows you to select the audience you are targeting and also set up a campaign for the persons who visited your website.

Facebook gives you four different Audience options to choose from when creating your Audience. You could also custom your audience for people who have not visited your web site and also for potential customers. To custom your audience to people who visit specific web pages, you have to add the URL of the different websites you are targeting.

Create Custom Audience

After about 12-24 hours, Facebook would populate your page with visitors after you had saved your Custom Audience. With this, you are ready to start remarketing.

Step 3: Set up your Campaign

After setting up your Audience, you can finally start your Facebook Remarketing campaign.

To set up a new Campaign, you will have several objectives like; Increase people’s awareness of your brand or business, Find Potential Customers for your business, Drive conversions or sales for your business, option, choose the “send people to your website” objective.

After this option, you can either create a new Audience or Use a saved Audience. If you are using a Saved Audience, remember to create a message which will work with the people in that Audience, you will be asked to customize your budget and placement for the campaign, you are also given several factors to tailor your campaign around, like Age, Language, Location, Interest, and gender.

This factors will narrow down your audience to the very people you are targeting. It is advised to use this factors after a week as you do not want to miss out on any good opportunities.

Step 4: Create your Ads

When creating your Ads, keep it simple. The images and headline should appear natural. Customize different Ads for your campaign and test your audience to know what works best for them.

The Ads that brings more User engagement and create more clicks should be frequently used. When you have gotten a solid collection of people who actually have interest in your Ads, you should run Ads campaigns which are directed towards that particular group of persons.

Having a successful Facebook Remarketing

To successfully market your Business on Facebook, you have to plan your Ads Campaign to get your audience attention and give them a good reason to visit your website again.

You could make Ads with discounts or free shipping, this will go a long way to capture the attention of your Audience.

This Facebook Campaign cost around $50 0S100 for a week. Learn and improve on your Campaign Ads and you will start seeing high results.

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